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Facebook says China’s Xiaomi will make Oculus Go hardware and a similar VR headset for China

Facebook says China's Xiaomi will make hardware for Oculus Go, its standalone VR headset, and another device based on it for the China market. Facebook has said the Oculus Go, the company's first standalone VR device, will ship early this year. Facebook said Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi will make the hardware for its upcoming Oculus Go

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‘Hey Google’ is all over Las Vegas as the smart assistant battle hits CES

As CES gets underway in Las Vegas, Google is introducing new smart displays for its Assistant. The company will also start referring to Assistant's abilities as "Actions," similar to Alexa "Skills." Google has an outsized presence at CES this year. Google typically keeps a low profile at CES. Not this year. As techies swarm Las Vegas

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New ‘insane’ ETF proposal for bitcoin generates worry on Wall Street

Direxion Asset Management is looking to launch five bitcoin ETFs that seek up to double the moves of the cryptocurrencies daily futures trading. One Wall Street strategist said approving the funds would be "insane," while another called the proposals "eye-watering." However, some believe the application with the SEC is just part of the maturation process

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Mattermark to shut down after selling to FullContact

Mattermark, the site for startup and company data, is shutting down its own business after selling in a disappointing outcome to FullContact. In a document obtained by TechCrunch, co-founder and CEO Danielle Morrill wrote that “common stockholders will not be receiving anything in this deal.” In other words, Mattermark employee shares are worthless. It was just last year that

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Goldman is reportedly getting into bitcoin and crypto trading

Global banking giant Goldman is setting up up a trading desk focused on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, according to a report from Bloomberg. The bank is said to be in the early stages of setup, which means hiring and figuring out the logistics, including how the bank will hold the assets and keep them secure. The

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Here are the 18 biggest bankruptcies of the ‘retail apocalypse’ of 2017

This hasn't been an easy year for the retail industry. More than 8,053 store closures were announced this year. Mall traffic has dropped, and retailers such as Payless, Rue21, and Toys R Us have struggled to compete with ecommerce rivals. For some companies, the pressure became too much. A growing list of retailers have declared bankruptcy. Here are the most

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NASA’s next billion-dollar mission will either visit Saturn’s moon Titan or bring back samples of a distant comet

NASA just announced two finalists for its next New Frontiers mission. One project, called Dragonfly, would head to Saturn's largest moon, Titan. The other, nicknamed CAESAR, would fetch samples from the Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet.  One of the two options will be selected for full funding in 2019, and will be launch-ready by 2025, NASA said.   NASA

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The surprising ways Americans are raising their sons differently than their daughters

Most Americans struggle to determine if their gender differences are based on biology or societal expectations, according to a recent report by Pew Research Center. Notably, there is a discrepancy between how U.S. parents are currently raising their children and how they believe they should instead raise them. To better understand gender equality in the U.S,

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Billionaire AOL co-founder Steve Case: Bitcoin mania reminds me of the dot-com frenzy 20 years ago

The current frenzy surrounding bitcoin feels familiar to billionaire entrepreneur Steve Case. Case lived the dot-com boom: He launched AOL in 1985, took it public in 1992 and merged the company with Time Warner in 2000 (the deal closed in 2001). Case delivered a 11,616% return to shareholders, according to his bio on the website of his

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NASA Supersonic Flights Validate Flightworthiness for Future Schlieren Imaging

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