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    1. go to
    2. Browse around and Pick a category ( I usually “Everything Else” Category )
    3. After you pick a Category, look at the Watch count and Past sales. Show whats selling
    4. The higher watch count and past sales are the better
    5. Copy the product name or title, not the whole title. If you do, all you going to see is one product and Ebay Ads.
    6. Browse to see what is the average price they going for
    7. After you figure the average price
    8. Go to
    9. copy the product name or title from Ebay and paste in Aliexpress search bar
    10.If the product made in USA, you might not find the exact match. Exact match doesn’t really matter, as long
    you put the picture of what you selling
    11.Check the price they going for and check their sales and Feedback
    12.After you find a product you want to sale, check what your profit will be after everything
    13.Buy one or two from Aliexpress.Will take 12-20 days to arrive
    14.after the product arrive to your house
    15.Go to Ebay and click on one seller that’s selling the same product
    16.Click on “sell now” or “sell one like this”
    17.Copy and paste the product information from Amazon, Aliexpress or Ebay seller. You can change the
    product info it a little or not
    18.I always put Same Day Shipping: 2-3 days delivery. It’s up to you
    19.If the product sale fast, buy more ( i usually buy 5 pieces next time around ) and more

    S/n: there’s always a chance the product might not sale or take a while to sale. Check on trending products.
    Scare money don’t make money. good luck

    Need more info email me @

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