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    How to get more listings on ebay

    If you new to Ebay, after you register Ebay only give you 5 listings or $500 for sales, which ever come first. It will be tough for a person to make $20,170 GaryVee flip challenge by 2017 if you new.
    I will tell how to get more listings, but you’ll to put in the work.
    Two things you’ll need. Amazon and Ebay App

    1. After you registered to Ebay, open the Amazon app

    2. Go to add a product

    3.Click on Top Sellers

    4.Pick a category ( I usually pick toys and games )

    5.You’ll see the top sellers for toys and games

    6.Pick a product ( I usually pick $10 or less )

    7.Go to Ebay search the product you pick and check how much its selling for

    8.Check many sales the sellers have and how many people watching for that particular product (Example: Game of Thrones Legacy Collection Action Figures- one seller sold 184 for $6.99-$9.49 each and 27 watchers )

    9.If product is selling, great! (if not skip it )

    10.Now that you pick a product, go back to Amazon, see how much the product selling for

    11.Pick products that’s selling for less ( 15-25% ) on Amazon. We’re not looking make money right now. We want more listing, break even or lose few cents per item

    12.Next step- go back to Ebay, find the seller that’s selling the same product and click on ” Sell One Like This “

    13.Go back to Amazon copy the product information and Paste it on Ebay product information

    14.Put same day shipping, (2-3 days delivery) fast and free shipping , 14 days return, buyer pay for shipping on the listing

    15.If you put 2-3 days shipping, make sure there’s prime sellers on Amazon for the product you selling

    16.Repeat process for each item

    17.For new Ebay sellers, it’s going to take 2-5 months, to have 100+ listing on Ebay. Anyone else, your listing number will sky rocket in less than month

    18.Oh yeah, ship right away, avoid negative feedback and contact the buyer as soon as something goes wrong.

    Have any questions? email@

    Tips alert!!🗣 check these store for great deals. Target, toys r us, jcpenny, Walmart, big lot, ect. You can always message me for more info.

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