Get Transcribed Audio to text transcription and video captioning service for business, academic and personal needs.

Quicktate Create audio notes by dictating into your favorite Evernote app or by calling (888) 222-NOTE and Quicktate will accurately convert your audio. They pay 1/4 to 1/2 cent per word depending on the audio type (General or Medical).

Scribie Fast growing online audio transcription service. Pays $1 per 6 minutes of audio transcription.

SpeechInk SpeechInk offers you the opportunity to earn money doing audio transcription jobs in your spare time. Transcription is done through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.


Lingosaur Get an instant quote for your translation job, order in seconds. Translate to/from Finnish, English, Swedish and Russian among many other languages. Get paid for translations.

TRADUguide Translation buyers can quickly ask for price quotes from translation service.

Translatorsbase The leading source of online translation jobs for freelance translators. Outsourcers can post a project and obtain free quotes for translations.

TranslatorsCafe Free database of over 1300 translation agencies and freelance translators.

Translators Town Directory of translators and translation jobs. Covering over 130 languages.

Translator | Gengo Become a Gengo translator and gain access to translation jobs giving you flexible income and the opportunity to improve your skills. Sign up for free.

-Tech Support

AriseProvide customer service (phone, web and email support and sales for 40+ companies in their network) and get paid!

WorkingSOL Get paid to handle tech support for a large corporation.

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