Many businesses are interested in being “mystery shopped” which essentially means you are pretending to be a legitimate customer. I’ve done this before and it works great in the hospitality field such as by writing restaurant reviews.

Often you have to go to the site and perform some tasks (for example sit down and order a meal). Later when you return you fill out a survey (did the waiter say hello, that sort of thing) as well as a quick write up.

Payment often includes the cost of the meal AND a set wage per project (varies but could easily be $25-$50 and potentially more). It’s great if it is a place you are already interested in going to, like a restaurant, since the budgets for meals can be pretty high.

The only catch is that with many of the companies you have to be at least 24.

Grass Roots Measures Mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys

HS Brands Mystery shopping services

ICCDS – Mystery shopping company.

Intelli Shop IntelliShop is a mystery shopping company.

Market ViewpointMystery shopping company offering legitimate mystery shopping, customer service audits and evaluations, and marketing

Mystery Shoppers, Inc Evaluates customer service and quality control.

Second To None Empowers brands to deliver optimal customer experiences.

Service Performance Group Mystery shopping company

Shoppers, Inc Mystery shopping, customer surveys and customer service training.

Spies in Disguise Mystery shopping company.

Rentrak Mystery Shopping Our mystery shoppers visit a large cross-section of retail locations across the United States and Canada to conduct transactions of varying types.

Restaurant Cops Mystery shopping services for restaurants

Ritter Associates Offers mystery shopping services including, compliance audits, customer intercept surveys, point of purchase installations and more.

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